We co-create alongside loud voices
the world’ s most needed (and sexy) purpose-driven brands to push humanity forward and act for our planet. 

We provide a ton of value to our brands!

// Impact Foundation

// Strategic Partnerships

// Shareable services area

// CFO on-demand

// Growth Marketing Guidance

// Fundraising

// Legal & Compliance
// Umana Family Unique Network 

We are a one-stop shop transforming ideas into scalable businesses working with world’s top visionaries, and most influential folks of our generation.
How we work:

// We develop and launch conscious brands from scratch.// We identify white spaces in a specific market and we design, strategize, match with influential celebrities, form a founding team, co-build, and invest.


// We find promising early-stage mission-driven companies that meet our criteria and are aligned with our values and co-build alongside the founding team.

// We always invest $50k to $250k and bring our domain expertise, offering assistance in several core areas of the business.


We work with and for you!

We listen to you and understand what drives you.

Together, we set the mission.

We bring the strategy and execution

Together, we define the vision.

We ideate, research, experiment, validate, hire and fund the vision.

Together, we build a company with a purpose driven soul and a sexy body.   

We prefer not to have a fixed location. We are remote since day one with partners, operations, and scouts around the globe, an experienced team connecting with global markets.

Our vision is to build a diversified global team with complementary skills, distinct expertise, and unique perspectives to building companies.